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Submersible Pumps Series 6 R – 6 S

Liquid type: clean water

Application: civil, industrial, agricultural

Use: water supply, fire-fighting, pressurisation and irrigation systems

Delivery connection: 2½”- 3″

Max pump diameter: 149 mm

Impeller / diffuser: Stainless steel

Other components: stainless steel


Main components entirely made of stainless steel

  • Multi stage radial and semi-axial centrifugal pump
  • Impellers and diffuser body made of high corrosion resistant printed stainless steel
  • Double shirt stainless steel stages
  • Floating levelling ring in PTFE, and grooved nitrile rubber bearing
  • Built-in check valve for easy external overhaul of the exterior
  • Each individual stage is guided by its own water-lubricated bearing
  • Stainless steel filter fitted to the suction port
  • High efficiency hydraulics for reduced consumption and high performance
  • NEMA-compliant motor mount
  • Maximum permitted quantity of sand 100 g/m3
  • Water temperature range: from -5° C to 60°C
  • Rotation: counterclockwise when looking at the delivery mouth
  • Product suitable for horizontal installation