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4 “Submersible pumps series 400 ABCDW

Liquid type: clean water

Application: civil, industrial, agricultural

Use: water supply, fire-fighting, pressurisation and irrigation systems

Outlet: 1½” or 2″ – Max pump diameter: 98mm

Impeller/diffuser: Industrial resin

Other components: stainless steel


Main components: special steel hexagonal shaft, rubber steel bearings, chrome-plated bushings, stainless steel coupling, top quality special plastics supplied by leading European companies and spacers in brass/stainless steel.

  • Multi-stage centrifuge pump multi-stage
  • Impeller and diffuser in special resin
  • Cloak, shaft, suction grille, cable protection, joint and screws in stainless steel
  • Pump shaft driven by special anti-sand rubber bearings
  • Inlet and outlet in stainless steel micro-cast
  • Built-in check valve
  • Pump and motor coupling NEMA Standard 4” pump and motor with broached coupling
  • Counterclockwise rotation
  • The pump must not run dry
  • Minimum height of water on suction: 1 mt
  • Water temperature 35°C MAX
  • Sand content MAX 250 gr/mc